NONA June is a non-alcoholic alternative for gin

It is a Friday night and I would like to go out somewhere, enjoy good company and delicious cocktails. When you arrive at the bar or restaurant, it turns out that the menu has all the interesting and good cocktails with alcohol, but I would like not to drink alcohol today. When choosing a non-alcoholic cocktail from a poor selection, it becomes clear from the first sip that it would have been wiser not to order this cocktail. Sounds familiar?

That’s exactly what happened in 2017 to our hero of this story, Charlotte, who decided to go out after work with friends one ordinary Friday night to relax a bit after a long week. The bar, which Charlotte and her friends chose to visit, played a nice melody and the atmosphere was amazing. Charlotte was looking for a non-alcoholic cocktail on the menu, but the bar offered only a very limited selection. After browsing the menu for a long time, Charlotte finally decided to go out and try one of her favorite cocktails in a non-alcoholic version. Unfortunately, the cocktail Charlotte received was too sweet and had no character. Needless to say, Charlotte was disappointed that she couldn’t find a non-alcoholic alternative to the cocktails she loves at the bar, but she couldn’t believe that tonight would be a turning point in her life.

Shortly after that fateful Friday night, Charlotte began experimenting with herbs and botanicals in her living room. It didn’t take long for different jars, plants and other things for making a drink to find their place on each vacant surface in his apartment. Charlotte also often consulted with chefs, bartenders and gin enthusiasts to improve their taste patterns. After about a year of experimentation, Charlotte managed to create a definite but balanced non-alcoholic alternative to gin, which became NONA June.

NONA June is a non-alcoholic alternative to gin. NONA (Latin number 9) refers to the nine natural ingredients used in a drink. “June” refers to juniper (juniper) – juniper is the most important part of gin. NONA June has been completed in cooperation with renowned chefs, bartenders and gin enthusiasts. During the careful production process, a complex taste bouquet is achieved – a clear citrus taste with a pleasant shade of herbs.

“I believe that if you don’t want to drink alcohol, you shouldn’t compromise on taste and experience.” – Charlotte – creator of NONA June.