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The Royal Cellar range is all about the unconventional. Here we strongly believe that life is too short for ordinary drinks and we should always explore and discover new drinks and thereby discover the new and exciting taste and smell experiences.

At a midsummer grill party with friends in the middle of the picturesque scenery of South-Estonian lakes, enjoying an exquisite grilled beef fillet in the evening sunset, emerged the unintentional perception that there was something missing from the idyll – a good drink, of course – but what was it: either a great wine to go along with the tasty food or relaxing whiskey or Cognac to accompany the aromatic coffee during the late night gathering. 

“Those who have the will to consume different drinks modestly, will gain spiritual enjoyment and find their health a new, long-sought companion,” was an argument that was heard in the conversation between friends, which momentarily painted a mental image of a dark basement in an ancient knight’s castle – the Royal Cellar – as the name of the future trademark was quick to materialise in the collective mind.

This memorable summer evening marks the birth of the Royal Cellar trademark. Often, a person needs something to mingle around, something that has to bring us all together: either tea or coffee, food or drink, common interests or concerns. Getting to know different rituals is necessary for the normal development of a person. Courtesy and friendliness are the prerequisites for any kind of communication. These thoughts may seem primitive, but access to a simple logic is most difficult in life.

These thoughts briefly and concisely summarise the idea of the Royal Cellar brand which is to offer, in addition to the high-quality selection of strong and not-so-strong alcoholic beverages, also the best examples of non-alcoholic drinks and the presentation of the relating consumption culture and traditions from various corners of the world, as the ability to make such drinks in the human society is more than 10,000 years old. From these distant times, certain events or activities, such as the occasional successful hunt or the conclusion of a peace treaty between hostile parties, have been known to be prominently affirmed, while the ritual of celebration has often entailed a special regard to some relaxing beverages.

Rasmus Uusküla


Rasmus Uusküla

CEO, Partner

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